Journalism of the Future

Art by Josiah of the Future

According to The State of the News Media‘s 2009 Online Journalist Survey, we journalism students have some things to worry about. Not only is the format of our chosen area of study changing from paper to web, but apparently our journalistic ethics and values are changing, too.

The survey polled employees of the Online News Association and found that 45 percent believe journalism is heading on “the right track.” The 54 percent who said we’re on the wrong track had better just hop off now, because the future of journalism is what it is. There is only one track. We cannot reverse the advancements in technology that have lead us to this age of digital media. We cannot ignore the fact that the internet is the most accessible medium to our generation, a generation of (hopeful) future journalists.

As for our ethics changing — mostly for the worse, according to the survey — an expected decline in accuracy is the trade-off for faster breaking news, a greater array of voices heard and the potential for interactive, multimedia coverage. There have always been inaccuracies in the news, but there has never been so much opportunity for future writers, reporters, photographers, artists, designers, web techs, on and on and on.

However, all these wonderful progressions cannot happen without revenue. The survey shows that only 61 percent of news websites are making a profit. I guess it is what it is.


October 29, 2009. Tags: , , , , . journalism.

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