A Slice of the Sacramento Scene

As a lifetime Sacramento region resident involved in the music scene, I’ve seen a trend of local bands denouncing their town. So many great bands abandon the River City, thinking they can do better in San Francisco or Portland, only to get lost in the over-populated scene sea.

But our flagship rock band Cake never gave up on Sacramento. They proudly call it their hometown, even though frontman John McCrea now lives in Oakland. They make references to the city in songs. They even maintain their studio in Sacramento, and recently retrofitted it to be totally solar-powered.

But most importantly, they show their loyalty to Sacramento by offering these cozy secret shows every year or two. The first time I saw them was Christmas Eve 2001 or so, for free at the old Capitol Garage. Last Tuesday I got to see them again at the Blue Lamp, their second show there in the last month. They played old favorites and tested out new material for the upcoming album – all of which, I’m happy to report, is dope.

So be proud to be from Sacramento! The scene may be smaller than the Bay Area’s, but I say it’s sweeter.


December 27, 2009. Tags: , , , , . music.


  1. Susan Raines replied:

    I agree – ts a shame that artists of all kinds often abandon Sacramento for the bigger cities in their pursuit of more profitable recognition. In my recent interviews and research I’ve seen that this includes fashion designers, musicians, and artists. I understand their motivation but its still a shame Sacramento has not become a greater cultural center to allow our artists to thrive. Its great if they can remember their origins and still call Sac their home – it helps the artists who continue to work and live here!!

    • Elisa replied:

      Yes – I hadn’t even thought that it would include all areas of artists. But I do think Sacramento pride is slowly catching on. In writing this post, I tried to find Sacramento bands on MySpace who list “Bay Area” or “Northern California” as where they’re from, but couldn’t find even one! So maybe it’s just slow process.

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