An Open Love Letter

Happy anniversary, KDVS and me! Five years ago on this very night, I timidly entered a Wellman classroom and for two hours sat entranced by DJ Rick‘s storytelling. Here is what I wrote in my journal that night:

“KDVS meeting tonight, music history chart of hip-hop and prog/industrial all over the board. So cool! Learned more there than in English 1. So I’m an official volunteer now, they seem like cool people.”

When I ventured into that first meeting as a mid-quarter newcomer, I didn’t know I would find a welcoming, stimulating community in a matter of weeks. The catacombs of KDVS became a home base, a refuge providing warmth in the winter, AC in the summer and good sounds year-round.

When I performed my first volunteer task for Joe Finkel, scanning images for the next KDViationS, I didn’t know that for three glorious years my name would be at the top of that masthead. I, too, got the distinct pleasure of ordering hours-hungry minions to do my bidding.

When I first heard Big Sammy‘s radio show, I didn’t know that I could like hip-hop that much, having only heard KSFM’s garbage until then. It was the first of many revelations about new kinds of music, a series that altered my own radio show until unrecognizable from its original form.

So thank you, KDVS and all my fellow DJs, for five fantastic years. I never dreamed I would find such a love.



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Journalism and Jumpsuits

I have wanted to be a journalist, or in some way involved with media, since I was 5 years old. Back then, I published my own legal paper-sized editions of The Sacramento Bee and longed for a yellow jumpsuit like April O’neil’s.

Since those early days of entrepreneurship, I have worked for a handful of media outlets. My greatest love has been DJing and working at KDVS, UC Davis’ student-run community radio station, where I was in charge of editing and publishing the quarterly magazine, KDViationS. I learned the art and science of copy editing at UC Davis’ daily newspaper, The California Aggie, and currently copy edit for The Sacramento Press.

While copy editing and page-designing are fun and rewarding jobs, I still feel that 18-year-old desire to write and report (and I still lack a proper jumpsuit). So here we go. This is a test run.

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